Music Track: Drake – Sweeterman


Although I know that this track came out around July 2015, I think it is totally worth the shout out. As usual with Drake, a crazy catchy melody & beat along with some simple and effective lyrics.

No amazingly shot video, not even an official upload from him. However, i’ll happily take this song, and only the song on this occasion.

In my own opinion (try not to bash me too much for this) Drake has really evolved as an artist and performer since the release of his hit album, “If you’re reading this it’s too late“.  Yeah…..i know….that dancing in Hotline Bling doe….at least we know dancing is not Drakes strong point.

The release for his new album, “View from the 6” is coming up in April, confirmed by the man Drake himself! I for one am super excited and hope you love this tune as much as I do.

Also super excited to see what happens for Drake with this new Boy Better Know deal!