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Sneakers: Adidas Veritas

New Sneaks day!

When I got back home from work the other day I had a delivery from Adidas waiting for me.

I have to say it was the first time I had actually ordered anything directly from Adidas and the service was brilliant. The package came early and also very well package.

The kicks that I ordered were some Adidas Mid Veritas.

I had seen a few variations of the Veritas shoe, a new addition to the Adidas Originals scene. The Veritas had what looked like a comfortable mid-cut, but none of the variations really inspired me.

Then I found these babies!

Adidas Veritas Blush Green
Adidas Veritas Blush Green

The design and colours convinced me that I needed them straight away but at £37.50 + delivery, they were a steal too. The colour is described as Blush Green, but truly the best parts of the sneaker are two things that you don’t really see or realise straight away.

These sneaks use a satin upper as a canvas for the crazy prints that you can find, which make the upper seamless but are also durable and very waterproof.

The second positive is the FITFOAM® visco-elastic foam midsole that provide incredible comfort! It’s like memory foam and they provide cushioning for your feet in all the right places.

Only thing to be slightly careful of with this sneaker is that they are quite narrow.

Overall I’m extremely happy with this purchase and I know they are going to be used with a lot of different outfits, even with the crazy design.


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